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Bob Beckstead

Bob Beckstead - The NC Real Estate Firm

Robert Beckstead has been in the home building industry for over 20 years and now brings his wealth of real estate and construction knowledge to The NC Real Estate Firm, LLC.

After working with a private home builder, he formed his own homebuilding company in 2006, where he used his depth of experience in land acquisition, development, residential and commercial building, and restorations for several years with great success.

Robert first became interested in real estate sales when he sold is own home in 3 days after receiving multiple offers. He discovered a new passion and enjoys guiding others through one of the most important events of their life.

Robert is also employed as a commercial audio/video engineer and consultant. He uses his attention to detail, commitment to clients and technical knowledge as common philosophies for his continued success. His positive outlook and enthusiasm extends to his hobbies as well. Robert enjoys exploring nature with his family, triathlons, music and traveling.

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