Home Selling F.A.Q

Selling a home can be very overwhelming and everyone from first-time home sellers to seasoned entrprenuers have questions. The questions below are some of the more common questions to let you know that you’re not alone.

There is not really a “best” time. You should list your house as soon as you decide to sell it. As for seasonality, the peak selling seasons tend to be late spring and early fall when the weather is nicer and flowers are blooming and/or full of color. However, it is not necessary to “time” when you put the For Sale sign in the yard, because it could be several months before an offer is made and/or accepted.

Probably not. If you need to sell, or even just want to sell, waiting for better market conditions is not likely to increase your profit potential.

The average length for a house on the market varies from 30 to 180 days. Most professionals prefer sellers to give at least six months for marketing efforts to really start paying off.

It is important to always set a fair and competitive price for your home. Real estate professionals can help determine the fair market value of your home be providing you with information about homes the have recently sold or gone under contract in your neighborhood.

The fair market value of a house is typically the highest price a buyer will pay for your home under normal circumstances

There are definitely some things to consider if you haven’t had any showings or if there has been little interest. Talk with your Realtor to see if there are things you can do to help. What does the exterior of your home look like? Have you kept the yard well-maintained? Is the entry clean and inviting? What about online pictures of the interior? Can buyers identify the rooms? Is there a lot of clutter? If you maintain both the interior and exterior, and the pictures are high-quality, you may want to consider the asking price? Do you have room to lower the price? Ultimately, the asking price is set at something that you as the seller must agree to, but your Realtor can make informed decisions as to what you can do to get more people in the door.

First and foremost, you should CLEAN. Not just a surface clean, either. Buyers may look in closets and cabinets, so it is very important that all areas remain clean and spacious. De-clutter as much as possible and touch-up the minor and major defects that are found in your home. Keep walls and counters as clear as possible; allow your buyer to imagine their own things on these spaces.

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